The art of die stamping

Alcántara has a die stamping workshop in Valencia featuring the most up-to-date tools and machinery. At the forefront are our people: a team of designers, toolmakers and fitters with extensive experience in the sector.We have a significant number of machines for the construction of dies, such as our milling machines, lathes and wire machines. All are programmed using the latest generation CAM, guaranteeing precision and quality.

Strict compliance with delivery dates has made us one of the best die stamping companies in Valencia..

Industry 4.0 ensures we have the necessary information in real time. We know the status of each component and every piece, and therefore the exact amount of time remaining in order to finish the die.


We have state-of-the-art technology in industrial machining, enabling us to provide outstanding service to the railway, aerospace and automotive sectors.

Our extensive range of CNC machines allows us to mass produce highly complex mechanical components. This, in addition to our specialist technicians, guarantees quality and precision.