Matrices Alcántara is a supplier of components and tools for different clients in the automotive industry at a national and international level.

Our objective is to pursue profitable and sustainable development, complying at all times with the applicable regulations and legislation, whilst also honouring the expectations of all our clients.


Our mission is to achieve maximum profitability by achieving excellence in all areas. Through management tools and continuous improvement, together with our ‘Zero Defect’ ambition, we are committed to guaranteeing the satisfaction of our clients, collaborators and shareholders.


Our Clients

Satisfying our clients is Matrices Alcántara’s main goal. The pillars we found this on are competitiveness, technical competence, reliability, integrity, financial soundness and a team that trusts in its capabilities.

Our Employees

We rely on our employees to achieve our objectives. We value their initiative and commitment to continuous improvement. They are a fundamental part of the goal of sustainable development and zero defects. Our confidence is based on their competence, integrity, responsibility and teamwork. We promote continuous professional development for all employees.

Our Suppliers

Suppliers are essential to our success, and they all participate in our commitment to customer satisfaction. We therefore involve them in the specific requirements of our clients (CSR) and establish relationships built on mutual collaboration that enable us to achieve our objectives.

Rigour and integrity

We respect Spanish and European laws, regulations and directives. We are committed to Safety and the Protection of the Environment. We are attentive to the social environment and actively work to maintain a good reputation. Our code of ethics fully echoes that of the automotive sector in force.

Excellence and Participation

Risk assessment allows us to take the necessary measures to take preventative measures in order to protect all interested parties.


  • José Alcántara
  • José Vicente Alcántara
  • Álvaro Alcántara

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